Chronokari Alpha Book Trailer

Self-publishing is a wonderfully fulfilling endeavor where writing the book is almost the easiest part of the job. Promotion is a huge part of the process to get your work out to the masses and a book trailer is just one of the elements that can help bring awareness to your project. I decided to make a book trailer for Chronokari Alpha: Time is Relative after dabbling in video editing for some of the posts and videos that I have a helped produce for my entertainment blog, Comix Asylum. Signing up for a YouTube channel, finding the appropriate open source music and then putting the video together was a lot of fun.

Special thanks goes out to my partner in crime, Vaughn Joseph of MassivenuMedia, for the helpful tips. The whole process was a lot of fun and I look forward to making more videos and adding content to my YouTube channel.

#selfpublishing #booktrailer