Derrick recently arrived in town for the start of the new school year and Silverthorne High School is the last place he wants to be. Gateway is his fourth city in six years and Derrick has had to move constantly due to his father’s job. He is outgoing, a straight-A student and a risk taker. His style tends to clash with Miles’ laid-back approach, but he values his friend and will do anything for him. 



A loner and semi-slacker who prefers to stick to himself, Miles is easy going, but mischievous. He is always late for everything, and his teachers give him grief. The youngest of three children, Miles often has to fend for himself as his parents are often too busy to pay attention to him. He uses his sense of humor to diffuse tense situations and wishes that Derrick would “chillax” more often, but is extremely loyal to his new friend.